Things to Know

How to prepare for your appointment.

day before your appointment we will call you to confirm your appointment. We will confirm your address and give you an approximate time of our arrival. There are a few things for you to consider prior to our arrival.

1. We ask you to prepare the areas to be cleaned. Please remove all breakables (such as lamps, plants) as well as any light furniture you can. Also please be sure the floor is cleared of any items. It is recommended that you moving any furniture possible out of the rooms or on top of beds etc. If the technician cannot access the carpet it will not be able to be properly pre treated and cleaned. The technician will move small furniture such as tables, chairs and sofas. Larger furniture such as beds (unless on rollers), entertainment units, electronics, china cabinets or other large or fragile furniture cannot be moved. If you’d like to clean underneath these items, you will be required to remove the piece of furniture prior to our arrival. Otherwise we will work around these items the best we can.

2. In order to have the best possible results please pre-vacuum the areas to be cleaned prior to our arrival. Just as one would vacuum or sweep a hardwood floor prior to mopping, removing dust and dirt makes the cleaning more effective.

3. Although we love pets, they do not take too kindly to our presence. During the cleaning process we need to leave the door slightly open and would hate for your pet to get out without your knowledge. Also the loud noise our equipment makes can scare your pet. Therefore It is preferable if you have a safe space for them away from the area to be cleaned.

4. In regards to parking please note that we require legal, paved parking spot within 50 ft of your home entrance.

5. As for payment we accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

The Day of the Cleaning

1. The technician will arrive at your home in the confirmed time frame, he will be in a uniform and well-groomed, with a smile. We only use professional, well-maintained equipment, as well as clean and sanitized hoses and tools in your home. Our technicians are always courteous and knowledgeable, with many years of experience.

2. Upon arrival the technician will do a pre-inspection of the areas to be cleaned with the homeowner and evaluate each service, to determine which cleaning method and products are best suited to complete each and every service to our high standards.

3. He take extra precautionary measures to make sure that your home is protected and respected during the cleaning service.

4. He will then pre-spraying and deodorizing of all carpeted areas to be cleaned.

5. Followed by our high-pressure truck mounted steam cleaning method which has 500 pound per square inch of cleaning power. The best on the market!

6. Upon completion we will again walk through the areas cleaned with the homeowner to do a post-inspection.